Welcome from the Chair


The Department of Computer Science at UTSA offers courses and degree programs that provide students with the knowledge of computer science and computers essential for today's technical careers, with degree programs leading towards the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. The academic programs of study complement and are enhanced by the research mission of the department. Student involvement in research is encouraged at all levels.


The department is committed to:

-Providing a quality education in computer science to undergraduate and graduate students.
-Providing educational opportunities for employees in industry and in the military.
-Performing quality computer science research with an emphasis on advancing the discipline, broadening its applicability to new domains, technology transfer, and publication in reputable journals.
-Participating in activities that develop a sense of pride and community among faculty, students, staff, alumni, sponsors, the local community, external collaborators and professional organizations.


Faculty in the Department of Computer Science conduct numerous research projects with funding from a variety of state and national agencies. Research is conducted in areas such as cybersecurity, big data analytics, parallel and distributed computing, networks, databases, machine learning, computer vision, image processing, software engineering and testing, human computer interaction, game development, operating systems, and bioinformatics among others.


Dr. Jianwei Niu, Interim Chair