CS Dissertation Defense: Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds by Rehana Begam

Date: July 17, 2017

Computer Science Dissertation Defense


Title: Time Sensitive VM Provisioning for Resource-Constrained Clouds

Presented by: Rehana Begam


Monday July 17, 2017

10:00AM - 12:00PM

NPB 3.108A


Dissertation Committee:

Dr. Dakai Zhu, Supervising Professor

Dr. Wei Wang

Dr. Abdullah Muzahid

Dr. Jianwei Niu

Dr. Lide Duan



Resource management is a vital factor for better performance in cloud computing nsystems and one of the major goals of resource allocation is to efficiently utilize available resources. Many research has been conducted for managing the computing rsources in cloud systems by exploiting different points of view and application scenarios. Most of these research were conducted on public clouds and are not applicable for the private clouds or resource constrained clouds that normally have limited computing resources. Moreover they mostly consider resource requirement and resource capacity during the allocation decision. Only very few of them have utilized the time domain information of the applicationwhich is an importance aspect for data analytic jobs. These jobs account for a large proportion of cloud applications such as web logs analysis, weather forecast analysis, finance analysis, scientific simulation, machine learning, etc. In this thesis work, we focus on applications with timing constraints (i.e. deadlines) running on resource constrained clouds that have multiple heterogenous modes of computing resources (e.g. CPU cores and memory). We propose a time sensitive resource allocation and virtual machine (VM) provisioning framework where user requests are first prioritized according to their deadlines and resource demands (in the forms of VM type/number and operation time).