Thesis/Dissertation Templates


If you are doing a Master Thesis or PhD Dissertation, you may write your thesis/dissertation using  MS Words, LaTeX or LyX.


If you are a MS Words user, there is an official Words template at the UTSA Graduate School web site.


If you are a LaTeX/LyX user, there is an unofficial package including a LaTeX style, a LyX layout, and a sample thesis for UTSA thesis/dissertation. You need to have a recent TeX/LaTeX distribution (and the LyX if you want to use LyX) installed on your system. The sample thesis serves as a template, a sample, and a user manual. Compared to  earlier versions of latex packages, this package provides commands to collect basic thesis information and does the detailed formatting of the preliminary pages automatically. This makes the main thesis file much cleaner and easier to read.


Since the package is not officially endorsed by UTSA Graduate School, you would need to check with the Grad School before committed to using this for your thesis/dissertation.