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      Date: Aug  9, 2017
     Title: Cybersecurity Dyanmics Lab Receives $2M Army Research Grants

Over the summer break, UTSA professor of computer science Dr. Shouhuai Xu and his Laboratory for Cybersecurity Dynamics team were selected to receive two grants collectively amounting to $2 million in research funding.

The first research proposal, titled “MTD Dynamics: A Quantitative Framework for Modeling and Orchestrating Moving-Target Defense”, was selected for funding by the Army Research Office in the amount of $400,000.

This project uses the methodology of the X-axis to investigate the modeling, analysis, and quantification of the effectiveness of Moving-Target Defense mechanisms and then uses the resulting knowledge and insights to orchestrate the effective, if not optimal, use of Moving-Target Defense mechanisms.

The second research proposal, titled “Modeling, Analyzing and Predicting Cyber Attacks,” will be funded by the Army Research Laboratory for the amount of $1.6 million.

This project uses the methodology of the Y-axis mentioned above to investigate models and algorithms for predicting cyber attacks and for providing early-warning to cyber defenders.

Dr. Xu and his laboratory team currently have a pending project on Cybersecurity Metrics, which uses the methodology of the Z-axis mentioned above to investigate metrics for quantifying security and trustworthiness from a holistic perspective.


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