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      Date: Jul 26, 2017
     Title: CS Student Spotlight: Jose David Mireles

José David Mireles will soon become one of the newest graduates to earn a Master of Science (MS) degree from UTSA’s Computer Science Department. Mireles earned his bachelor of arts in English, Professional Writing from UTSA in 2009, and returned in 2013 to pursue Computer Science.

Mireles developed his master’s thesis under the direction of UTSA professor of computer science Dr. Shouhuai Xu, and conducted research out of UTSA’s Laboratory for Cybersecurity Dynamics.

Mireles was awarded the National Science Foundation’s Scholarship for Service in 2014 and a RSA Security Scholar in 2017. His research interests include cyber attack and defense, big data analytics of malicious network traffic, and the extraction and attribution of attack signatures from network traffic. His MS thesis, titled “Modeling and Analyzing Cyber Adaptations and Attack Narratives,” was presented and successfully defended this summer 2017.

Academic accomplishments aside, Mireles takes great pride in being the first in his family to earn a bachelors degree, let alone a masters.

"My grandfather, Alfredo Mireles, has been a driving force in my life to help me achieve my goals,” Mireles said. “He worked as a ranch hand and [only] had an elementary school education, but he taught me that there are no limitations with hard work.”

During his graduate studies, Mireles was an active member of UTSA’s Computer Security Association. He captained various student cybersecurity competitions such as the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, Inter-Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition, National Cyber Analyst Challenge, and Panoply.

After graduation, Mireles plans on working for the U.S. Army as a cyber security professional.