Jan 29, 2016

Liu receives Google Faculty Research Award

Dr. Tongping Liu, an assistant professor in UTSA's Department of Computer Science, has recently received the Summer 2015 Google Faculty Research Awards. (http://services.google.com/fh/files/blogs/googlefras_august15_final.pdf)

Google Faculty Research Awards are highly competitive grants that support research proposals on Computer Science and related topics, including systems, machine learning, software engineering, security and mobile. During the summer 2015 round, Google received 805 proposals from top researchers all over the world, but only 113 projects selected for funding.

Dr. Liu’s topic of research is to precisely and effectively detect false sharing problems inside multithreaded programs. Multithreading is the de-facto model to explore the parallelism of pervasive multicore hardware. False sharing can slowdown multithreaded programs by up to an order of magnitude, which is a serious threat to the performance and scalability. In this funded research, Dr. Liu will investigate methods to greatly reduce the detection overhead and extend its scope, making this tool practically usable for deployed environment.

Dr. Liu built the Software Research Group at UTSA after his joining in 2014. The mission of his research group is to help programmers design more secure, reliable, and performant software. Dr. Liu's research appeared in the most premier conferences such as SOSP and OSDI. His research has been used as Ph.D. comprehensive examinations and as a graduate course project in top universities like University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research has been appreciated by industry giants such as Huawei, IBM, Intel, SAS and MathWorks, and practically affect the world through open-source tools. Dr. Liu and his lab members are passionate to propel the progress of software technology every day.