Dec 8, 2017

Liu receives $51K 2017H2 Mozilla Research Grant

UTSA assistant professor of computer science Dr. Tongping Liu was selected to recieve a grant in the amount of $51,000 from the Mozilla Corporation's 2017H2 Mozilla Research Grants.


His project, titled "Guarder: Defending Heap Vulnerabilities with Flexible Guarantee and Better Performance," aims to design a novel secure heap allocator (called Guarder) that can significantly alleviate security attacks. Guarder will impose negligible performance overhead, while providing the highest security protection among all existing allocators. Liu and his group are working hard to make Guarder be integrated into Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, which will have a direct impact on everyone.


The 2017H2 Mozilla Research Grants is a competitive grant with the purpose of supporting projects that embody Mozilla’s mission to make the Internet safer, more empowering, and more accessible. Liu is one of fourteen projects that have been funded this round.

The Mozilla Research Grants program is part of Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies commitment to being a world-class example of inclusive innovation and impact culture-and reflects Mozilla’s commitment to open innovation, continuously exploring new possibilities with and for diverse communities.

For the link to Mozilla's announcement blog, click here.


For more information about Dr. Liu and his research, click here.