Jan 8, 2018

UTSA CS PhD Students Receive Doctoral Degrees in Fall 2017


Pictured from left to right, CS Department Chair Dr. Rajendra Boppana, CS Professor Dr. Jianwei Niu, PhD recipient Rocky Slavin, CS Assistant Professor Dr. Abdullah Muzahid, PhD recipient Marcus Pendleton, PhD recipient Riad Akram, and PhD recipient Mohammad Alam.The UTSA College of Science hosted a reception to honor recognize graduating doctoral students and their academic faculty advisors.


Five doctoral degrees were awarded from the Department of Computer Science this Fall 2017 semester.


Tahmina Ahmed

Dissertation: Expressive Power, Safety and Cloud Implementation of Attribute and Relationship Based Access Control Models

Supervising Professor: Dr. Ravi Sandhu



Mohammad Alam

Dissertation: Anomaly-Based Debugging of Correctness and Performance Issues in Multithreaded Programs

Supervising Professor: Dr. Abdullah Muzahid


Marcus Pendleton

Dissertation: System Call Anomaly Detection in Mutli-Threaded Programs

Supervising Professor: Dr. Shouhuai Xu


Islam Mohammad Majharul

Dissertation: Detecting Memory Model Bugs in Multi-Core and Many-Core Systems

Supervising Professor: Dr. Abdullah Muzahid


Riad Akram

Dissertation: Performance and Accuracy Analysis of Programs Using Approximation Techniques

Supervising Professor: Dr. Abdullah Muzahid