Apr 7, 2009

Jiménez named ACM Senior Member

Daniel Ángel Jiménez, an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, has been named a Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Dr. Jiménez is one of just 453 individuals worldwide that have been elevated to the Senior Member grade, which "recognizes those ACM members with at least 10 years of professional experience and five years of continuous professional membership who have demonstrated performance that sets them apart from their peers." Dr. Jiménez is also a Distinguished ACM Speaker.


In previous years, other faculty of the Department have also been recognized as senior professionals in their fields. Anthony Chronopolous, Kleanthis Psarris, Kay Robbins, Steve Robbins, and Qi Tian are senior members of IEEE. Ravi Sandhu is an ACM, IEEE, and AAAS Fellow. Additionally, Dr. Psarris and Dr. Tian have had their expertise recognized by their respective appointments to the editorial boards of Parallel Computing and the Journal of Multimedia.