Oct 10, 2009

CS Fall Picnic on Nov. 7th 2009

The Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSGSA) would like to announce the upcoming 2009 Fall picnic on Saturday November 7th. The picnic will begin around noon at Raymond Rimkus Park near Heubner and Evers (The pavilion is located close to Evers and Sunlight Dr). Undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, and their families are all encouraged to attend. There will be plenty of food available, and we are in the process of planning multiple activities including soccer, volleyball, horseshoes, games, and other activities.There is a large playground close to the pavilion for families with children. This is a great opportunity for networking with fellow students and faculty members that you may wish to work with in the future. There is no fee for attendance this year. If you wish to contribute to our picnic or get involved with the CSGSA you are welcome to attend one of our meetings, bring games or food (such as a classic dish from yourstate/country of origin), or offer to help before or at the picnic by sending us an email ( csgsa@cs.utsa.edu ).

More information is available at CSGSA website.