Feb 16, 2010

Record PhD Enrollment in CS

The past year has brought remarkable growth to the computer science programs at UTSA. With strong employment prospects for graduates, it is no surprise that in the current environment, the number of students interested in computer science is increasing. The computer science PhD program in particular has experienced phenomenal growth. For the Spring 2010 semester, enrollment in the department's PhD program has grown to a new record of 59 students (an increase of 28% over Spring 2009). The PhD program in Computer Science is the largest research PhD programat UTSA, and the department is anticipating strong gains in enrollment again for Fall 2010.

PhD students in the department are financially supported through faculty research grants, scholarships, and teaching assistantships.The expansion in the program has become possible because of the success of the department faculty in obtaining external funding and is the result of a concerted recruiting effort by the department.

The enlarged PhD program marks the Computer Science Department's transformation over the past 10-years into a productive research-oriented department that is advancing the state of the art in computer science and blazing the trail for UTSA's emergence as a premier research university.

The bachelors and master's programs are also growing. As of the fall, the number of students enrolled in the Computer Science Bachelor's degree program this year had increased 22% over the previous academic year year. Enrollment in the computer science master's program at UTSA had similarly surged by 31% over the previous academic year. Computer science enrollments have been growing nationwide. The Computer Research Association reported in their most recent Taulbee Survey that the number of students enrolled in computer science bachelor degree programs nationwide increased by over 9% from 2007 to 2008. The enrollment increases in computer science at UTSA, however, surpass the national trend.