May 4, 2010

Jiménez receives $150K NHARP grant

Prof. Daniel A. Jiménez has been awarded a grant for $150,000 from the Norman Hackerman Advanced Research Program. This two-year grant will support research in improving multi-core processor memory systems. Out of 2,387 submissions, only 95 proposals ultimately received funding, giving a funding rate below 4%. Jiménez's submission was the only one of 29 from UTSA that was funded.

Each core in a multi-core processor generates many accesses to a shared cache of recently used data. Competition for cache resources among the cores can lead to poor efficiency and poor performance. Jiménez proposes new cache organizations and policies that significantly reduce wasted time, space, and energy, resulting in faster and more efficient multi-core systems. For example, the project will use predictors derived from machine learning research to learn and adapt to changing program behavior, allowing more intelligent replacement policies.


For more information, please check out Prof. Jiménez's homepage.