Oct 26, 2010

Robbins and collaborators receive $2.4M ARL award

The Army Research Laboratory has awarded $2.4 million dollars to support the research of Kay Robbins, a professor in the Department of Computer Science, and her collaborators as part of a Collaborative Technology Alliance that includes groups from several universities and government laboratories as well as an industry partner.

To date, cognitive monitoring tools have been limited, mainly allowing researchers to collect data in a laboratory environment and interpret it long after the monitoring session. The goal of the consortium is to develop practical tools for monitoring human beings in action using wearable EEG, eye-tracking, motion capture, and physiological monitoring tools. The UTSA researchers will develop methods to fuse and interpret the massive amounts of data collected in real time in order to provide information about cognitive factors such as attention and fatigue. The long-term goal is to develop assistive technology for helping individuals to process information quickly and to make critical decisions in a variety of stressful situations.

Dr. Robbins' UTSA research collaborators on this project include Nandini Kannan, a professor of statistics at UTSA, and Yufei Huang, an associate professor of electrical engineering at UTSA. More information can be found at UTSA Today.

Also, please check out the news "UTSA joins in Army brain monitoring research" on KENS 5 TV.