Jun 7, 2012

Ph.D. student Jessica Sherette Receives Presidential Dissertation Fellowship

Jessica Sherette, a Ph.D. student from UTSA Computer Science, received the spring 2011 Presidential Dissertation Fellowship for her proposal, "On the Fréchet Distance and Other Related Similarity Measures for Surfaces." Out of a total of 15 applicants, there were only 5 recipients. Each recipient received an award of $2000.

Under the advisement of Dr. Carola Wenk, Sherette is developing algorithms for surface matching with a focus on the Fréchet distance. In particular, they are currently researching a core problem in computing the Fréchet distance for non-flat surfaces. Reliable surface matching is important for a wealth of applications, ranging from computer aided design to evolutionary biology.

Sherette received her BS from UT Austin. She was awarded an NSF EAPSI fellowship to travel to South Korea in summer 2012 and study this problem further with associate professor Hee-Kap Ahn (http://international.utsa.edu/news/jessica-sherette-receives-competitive-national-science-foundation-grant/). In her free time, Sherette enjoys practicing various martial arts, including aikido and taekwondo. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in academia with a focus on research.