Oct 12, 2012

Jendrusch, Quarles, et al. Awarded Best CS Poster

Jason Jendrusch along with his advisor Dr. John Quarles and collaborators from the University of Florida and UTHSCSA won best Computer Science poster for the annual College of Science Research Conference held on October 5, 2012. The title of the poster was, " Learning about Variability through Simulation: Variable, Model-Driven Virtual Humans and Abstract Visualization." Posters were reviewed by faculty judges. Jendrusch was awarded a certificate of excellence and a new Asus Nexus 7 tablet.



The objective of this research is to present a novel approach to immersive virtual human simulation that uses a mathematical model and abstract visualization to widen the variability in virtual human responses. This may enable users to learn about and become more aware of abstract concepts, such as inter-ethnic variability. For example, in real humans, different ethnicities may have widely variable responses to pain and pain medication. However, most current virtual humans have painstakingly pre-programmed responses and still lack the dynamic variability of response that real humans innately exhibit. To address these issues, we applied a mathematical modeling approach to drive 1) virtual humans and 2) associated abstract visualizations of virtual human pharmacology in the test-bed application of Sedation and Analgesia training. Through a user study, we explore the effects of this novel simulation on user interaction, variability awareness, and learning.

For more information, see the San Antonio Virtual Environments (SAVE) lab homepage: http://save.cs.utsa.edu