Nov 26, 2012

Jiménez Recognized as ACM Distinguished Member

Dr. Daniel Jiménez was recently recognized by the Association of Computing and Machinery (ACM) as a Distinguished Member. In 2006 ACM's Council approved the advanced grade level of Distinguished Member. In addition to meeting the criteria of the membership and professional requirements, successful candidates must demonstrate having achieved a significant accomplishment or having made a significant impact in the field of computing, computer science, and/or information technology.

Dr. Jiménez, a full professor at UTSA, is a world renowned expert in branch prediction and his research has made a significant impact in both academia and industry. Over the last decade, his cutting edge research has brought in millions of dollars in federal funding and has resulted in many prestigious papers in scholarly conferences. Neural branch predictors inspired by Jiménez’s research are documented to be implemented in current microprocessors including the AMD “Fusion” C-series and E-series APUs and the Oracle SPARC T4. Dr. Jiménez will be joining the faculty of Texas A&M in 2013.

For more information on Dr. Jiménez and his research, see: