Sep 20, 2013

Welcome to new faculty: Dr. Lama and Dr. Wang

Palden Lama


Palden Lama received the BTech degree in electronics and communication engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, in 2003. He has four years of professional experience in the software industry. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in 2013. His research interests include the areas of Cloud computing, sustainable computing, autonomic resource and power management, and big data processing in the Cloud.  His research aims to develop intelligent computing systems for assuring the quality of service provided by cloud resources and improving the energy efficiency of the underlying server infrastructure.

Outside of computer science, Palden is interested in sports, and playing the guitar. He also likes long road trips. During his internship at Argonne National Laboratory, he drove from Chicago, IL to Colorado Springs, CO. 

Dr. Lama motivates his research focus, "Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the way the IT industry operates. However, the increasing complexity of cloud-hosted applications, and the complex dynamics of underlying shared infrastructure, make it increasingly difficult for administrators to manage them. It is important to develop autonomic mechanisms to ensure predictable performance in the Cloud environment, while maximizing the energy efficiency of the hardware infrastructure."

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Xiaoyin Wang


Xiaoyin Wang received his PhD in computer science from Peking University in January 2012. His thesis research focused on string analysis and its applications on software evolution tasks. He then joined the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at University of California Berkeley as a postdoc, where he helped to develop an android-app-exploration framework for detecting malicious apps. His current research interest includes software evolution and quality insurance, as well as security analysis of android applications. 

Outside of CS, he is interested in sports like swimming, badminton, and basketball. He also likes to go hiking and cooking. He is good at cooking different kinds of Chinese food. 

Dr. Wang provides motivation for his research, “Along with the emergence of world wide web, mobile computing, and cloud computing, software systems and applications also need to be reshaped in a similarly high speed. To survive such an era, software providers are facing the challenge of accelerating software evolution, while maintaining high software quality at meantime. Therefore, it is important to develop approaches and automatic tool support to applying evolutionary code changes and detecting/removing bugs, including security vulnerabilities, in evolved software versions". 

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