Dec 16, 2013

Ph.D. student Chengwei Lei Receives Presidential Dissertation Fellowship

Chengwei Lei, a Ph.D. student in the UTSA department of computer science, is one of five students to receive the Fall 2013 Presidential Dissertation Fellowship.  The award will assist Lei as he completes his dissertation under the advisement of Dr. Jianhua Ruan.


The title of Lei's proposal is "Biological network reconstruction, denoising, and applications in cancer classification".  See below for the abstract of his proposal:


Recent advances in high-throughput technology have dramatically increased the quantity of available experimental data in biology research, such as complete genome sequences, transcriptomic data under diverse conditions, and interaction networks among different components in the cell. However, the exponentially increasing data challenges the conventional gene-based paradigm to understand biology. Efficient computational methods are needed to clean, analyze and model the data from a whole systems perspective. To achieve these goals, this research attempts to addresses three challenging problems in bioinformatics and computational biology: (1) to identify regulatory elements from DNA sequences and construct gene regulatory networks, (2) to improve the quality of experimentally determined interaction networks and predict functional modules / pathways, and (3) to improve the understanding and prediction of cellular behavior based on such interaction networks / functional modules.


Click here for Lei's CV.