Mar 11, 2014

Qingji Zheng wins Graduate Student Research Award

Qingji Zheng, a PhD candidate in computer science at UTSA, is one of three PhD students at UTSA to be awarded the UTSA Graduate Student Research Award.  The $1000 award is designed to "recognize graduate students for achieving outstanding accomplishments in research made while enrolled at The University of Texas at San Antonio".


Working under the supervision of Dr. Shouhuai Xu, Zheng's research is in applied cryptography, with focus on solving the followingproblem encountered in secure cloud computing.  When a user, say Alice, outsources her encrypted data (e.g., database) to the cloud, Alice also wants to outsource time-consuming computing tasks on her data to the cloud, while not giving the cloud any decryption capability (i.e., without breaching the secrecy of her outsourced data).  A key feature of the solutions he has been pursuing is that Alice can hold a cheating cloud accountable via cryptographic means (e.g., when the cloud does not faithfully execute Alice's computing tasks).  His thesis is titled Verifiable Delegation of Computing over Outsourced Encrypted Data, and he is expected to graduate in May 2014.


Click here for more information about the UTSA Graduate Student Research Award.