Privacy Preservation in Social Graphs
Lijie Zhang
April 2012

Intelligent Cache Management Techniques For Reducing Memory System Waste
Samira Khan
March 2012

Practical User Obligation Systems That Affect and Depend on Authorizations
Murillo Pontual
November 2011

Data-Driven Transforms for Exploration, Visualization and Classification of High-Dimensional Data
Dragana Veljkovic Perez
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Protecting Cryptographic Keys and Functions from Malware Attacks
Timothy Parker
December 2010

Parallelism and Error Reduction in a High Performance Environment
Anthony M. Castaldo
December 2010
Sidekick: Integrating Knowledge and User Belief to Enable Biological Discovery
Mark S. Doderer
August 2010

Obstacle-Avoiding Similarity Metrics and Shortest Path Problems
Atlas F. Cook IV
December 2009

Security Policy Analysis in A Trust Management Environment
Mark G. Reith
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Defending Against Malicious Nodes in closed Manets Through Packet Authentication and A Hybrid Trust Management System
Rehan Akbani
August 2009

A Sublexical Unit Based Hash Model Approach for Spam Detection
Like Zhang
August 2009

Statistical Learning for Multimedia Information Retrieval and Their Applications
Yijuan Lu
August 2008

New High Performance Computational Strategies for Inverse Problems with Application to Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Emre Brookes
May 2008

An in Silico Approach to Discover Transcriptional Regulatory Elements
Amitava Karmaker
May 2008

Game Theory Based Job Allocation/Load Balancing in Distributed Systems with Applications to Grid Computing
Satish Penmatsa
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Generalized Discriminant Analysis in Content-based Image Retrieval
Jie Yu
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Identification of Putative Functional Elements in Regulation of Gene Expression
Kihoon Yoon
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Advancing Data Dependence Analysis in Practice
Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos
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Java Memory Compression
Mayumi Kato
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The Automatic Generation and Testing of Signal Recognition Algorithms
Kenneth Holladay
May 2007

Financial Time Series Prediction and Evaluation By Genetic Programming with Trigonometric Functions and High-Order Statistics
Roy Schwaerzel
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Techniques to Mitigate Traffic Overload and Protocol Inefficiencies in Moble Ad Hoc Networks
Saman Amendra DeSilva
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Load Balancing in Distributed Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach
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Design and Analysis of Adaptive Routing and Transport Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Thomas David Dyer
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Protocols For Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
Robert Castaneda
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Cooperative Web Caching: A Viability Study and Design Analysis
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August 2000