Course Equivalences

There is an issue concerning courses for the Fall 2008 semester since they will come from the 2008-2010 catalog yet we will have students who are still in previous catalogs and we also have students who will want to change to the new catalog but have some of the old courses. The issue is how the department will relate the two very different sets of courses.

The following equivalences will definitely be accepted by the CS department for conversion between the 2006-2008 catalog and the 2008-2010 catalog:

2006-08 Catalog 2008-10 Catalog
CS 1723/1721 CS 2123/2121
CS 2413/2411 CS 3423/3421
CS 3233/3231 CS 2233/2231
STA 3543
and any 1 upper division MAT or CS credit hour may be applied to meet the extra hour of CS 3331
CS 3333/3331
CS 2733/2731 CS 3843/3841
CS 4753/4751 CS 3853/3851
CS 4873 CS 3873
Any student who took CS 1713 and passed with a C or better before Fall 2008 may meet the requirement for CS 1063 with any CS course.

Any other substitutions will have to go through the normal substitution process by involving one of the advisors.