Chapter 2 Links

2.1 Privacy and Computer Technology

The Tradeoff

Overview of Privacy

Everyday Privacy Risks

Privacy Issues, Privacy Risks, and Privacy Facts

Privacy News

An information broker

Cookies and Flash Cookies

Example of Data Mining, Computer Matching and Profiling

Opt-in vs. Opt Out

2.2 "Big Brother is Watching You"

Internet surveillance and data mining

Government database matching

Employment verification

National Crime Information Center

Combined DNA Index System

Government prescription drug database

TSA Secure Flight program

Terrorist Watch List

Access to Terrorist Watch List

Does the Constitution protect the right of privacy?

US Privacy Laws

2.3 Diverse Privacy Topics

2.3.1 Consumer Information

Some consumer database companies:
Certified Lists
Focus USA

Government using consumer databases

Google and your privacy

Your ISP might be spying on you
In the UK
In the US

Credit bureaus:

Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

Credit Scoring Discrimination

CLUE Insurance Database

2.3.3 Data Breaches

More data breaches

Recent major breach

2.3.4 What We Do Ourselves

2.3.5 Public Records

Risks of online public records

2.3.6 SSNs and National ID Systems

Social Security Number (Identification and Authentication)
Status in Texas Public Records

Real ID Act of 2005
Current Status

2.3.7 Children's Privacy

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Medical Privacy

Medical Privacy
Diabetes Discrimination
Genetic Discrimination
Americans with Disabilities Act
Family and Medical Leave Act

2.4 Protecting Privacy

Privacy Tips
New York Times
Center for Democracy and Technology
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Electronic Freedom Foundation
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse


Summary of Cryptography

Example of Using Digital Signatures and Encryption

Certificate Authorities

Getting a Certificate

Example Encryption Software

Summary of Steganography

Example of an Invisible Watermark

Cryptography in Regular Use
Secure http
Virtual Private Networks
Wireless Security Using WEP, WPA, or WPA2.

Changing Capabilities to Break Encryption

Privacy around the World

European Privacy Directive

Privacy protection around the world

2.5 Communications

How Does the Internet Work?

Introduction to Government Surveillance (as of 2002)

Initial Report of Warrantless NSA Surveillance

Summary and History of FISA