Chapter 4 Links

4.1 Intellectual Property and Changing Technology

Provision in the US Constitution

What is intellectual property?
A Fable
A US View
A World View

4.2 Copyright Law

History of Copyright:
World Perspective
US Perspective
The Illustrated Story of Copyright (online book)
Free Culture (online book)

Fair Use:
General Criteria
Example Interpretation

Betamax Case

P2P Cases:
The Current Problem (more)
Important Cases
Lawsuits against individuals (More Information) (Example Letter)

LimeWire sued for copyright infringement
Current Situation

Other Copyright News

4.3 DRM and the DMCA

DRM (Digital Rights Management):
Can DRM work?
Microsoft's EULA and Some Comments
More Comments on EULAs
Variety of DRM News

Trusted Computing:
Trusted Computing

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

4.3.6 International Piracy

Ireland and Isle of Man
Sweden and The Pirate Bay

4.6 Free and Open Source Software

What is free software? (compare to freeware and shareware)
What is open source software? (compare to public domain software)
Richard Stallman on free software

Example: Firefox (Market Share) (Timeline)
Other Examples

Open Formats
Government Adoption

The MP3 Patents

Microsoft Sued for Violating MP3 Patents (Final Result)
More MP3 Patent Issues
List of MP3 Patents (most of them)

Regular Issues in Software Development

It is easy to trespass on intellectual property.
The One-Click Patent
Derivative Works
Circumventing Restrictions in Software or Hardware

Example 1:

Problem: CS 1023 students sometimes submit .docx files.  I would like to read them without going through a resubmission process.  [Actually, can open .docx files now, but that wasn't true a year ago.]

Possible Solutions: Buy Office 2007.  Use a web site that translates .docx files to HTML.  Use a programming hint from this web site.

My solution: Create a Perl program with the programming hint to partially translate .docx files to plaintext.

Issue: Am I violating any patent or copyright or the DMCA?

Example 2:

Problem: I want to add a feature to a program so the program can find out what folder/directory it is in.

Possible Solution: This web site has a program that prints the folder to the screen.

My solution: Modify the program to return the folder name to another program rather than print it out on the screen.

Issue: Am I violating any patent or copyright or the DMCA?

Example 3 is not about software development, but brings up some IP issues:

My mother was interviewed about her participation in WW II.  The interview is available as a Real audio stream.  I've downloaded the stream into a file, converted it to an .mp3 file, and now plan to make copies available to my family.

Issue: Am I violating any patent or copyright or the DMCA?