Chapter 5 Links

Even the creator of the WWW is a victim of cybercrime.


Your Criminal Computer (Botnets)
Types of Cybercrime
Cyber Warfare
Types of Malware (FBI's spyware)
Some cybercrimes
Hacker attempting to access my computer

Current Status Reports
and more articles

Updates on Botnets (April 1 surprise?)

5.3 Identity Theft

Recent Data Breach (Local Data Breach)
The Video
National Data
How ID Theft Happens
How Creditors are part of the Problem
Current Laws
What to do about ID Theft

5.6 Whose Laws Rule the Web

Convention on Cybercrime

ElcomSoft and Dmitry Sklyarov Case

AnyDVD Issues

David Carruthers Case (Current Status)

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)