Chapter 7 Links

7.1.1 Evaluating Information on the Web

Some web sites that (appear to) stick to the facts:

7.1.3 Computer Models

Oil Model

Financial Models

Weather Models and some pictures

Car Crash Simulation (scanned from the second edition of The Gift of Fire)

Global Warming
Global Climate Models
National Academy of Science on global warming
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Scientists Opposing Global Warming

7.3 Digital Divide

Characterics of Internet Use

Digital Crutch

Does calculator use reduce math skills?

Does technology help in the classroom?

Does Wikipedia diminish research skills?

Internet Addiction Disorder

7.4 Neo-Luddites

Lessons from the Luddites (summary)

7.5 Predictions

The Possibility of a Technological Singularity
Moore's Law
Current capabilities?
Robot Armies?
Why the future doesn't need us

Synthetic Biology
Synthesis of Polio Virus
Custom Made Microbes
Online Shopping