Chapter 8 Links

Electronic Voting

Security of Electronic Voting Machines (video)

Stories from:
Ars Technica
New York Times

Commentary from:
Freedom to Tinker
Bruce Schneier

Examples of Computer Systems We Trust (Mostly)

Computers in Cars

Aircraft Control Systems


Cash Registers

Electronic Communication Networks

Examples of Things Going Wrong

Bad Software for San Antonio Police (More on Story)

Human Error on ATM Setup

Computer Glitch in Wall Street

A Collection of Software Bugs

The Risks Digest

Risky or Not?

The President's Blackberry

Internet Dangers to Children

Increasing Reliability and Safety

Software Engineering
Space Shuttle Software Engineering

Microsoft Office License

OpenOffice License

1974 Privacy Act Requires Accuracy in Government Databases or maybe not.

Professional Standards in Canada

Computer Health and Safety

Information from OSHA
Summary of Hazards