CS 1063: Submitting a Lab or Project

  1. Make a new folder on your V: partition

  2. In DrJava:
    1. Edit the program.
    2. Save and compile the program. Be sure to save the program in the folder that you created.
    3. If there are any compile errors, go back to the Edit step.
    4. Run the program.
    5. If there are any logic errors (incorrect behavior or a runtime error), go back to the Edit step.
    6. Save the output of the program. Right click on the bottom pane and select Save Copy of Interactions. Fill in the file name for the text file. You need to redo this step if you modify the program.

  3. Make a zip file of the folder. Right click on the lab folder and follow Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder (or 7-Zip > Add to "folderName.zip"). You need to redo this step just before you submit the program. New modifications do not get saved in the old zip file.

  4. Submit zip file on Blackboard.