Resolving Problems in Uploading Assignments to Blackboard

No My Computer

When you click on "Add Attachments", you should get a new window that has "My Files" on the upper left and "My Computer" below that.  If you see "Error" instead of "My Computer", you need to do the following.
  1. Permit to have popup windows.

    In IE 8, the sequence is "Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings ".  Now enter and click Add.

    In Firefox, the sequence is: "Tools -> Options -> Content -> Exceptions (opposite Block Popup Windows)".  Now enter and click Allow.

  2. Allow Blackboard's applications to run.  Click "Run" if you see a window like the one below.  Note: You won't see this window if you don't allow to have popups.

  3. You may need to restart your browser after steps 1 and 2 or between them.

Other Tips

In the window with "My Files" on the upper left and "My Computer" below that, click on My Computer to browse your files and find your submission.

After you have successfully added an attachment, you still need to click on "Submit" on the bottom of the page below "Add Attachments".

A successful submission will appear in your Submitted tab.

If you want to submit a new and improved version of your program, click on the icon to the right of the assignment (ActionLinks) and then select Take Submission Back to Inbox.  Uploading a new zip file with the same name will overwrite the old zip file.  Be sure to click Submit and to check the Submitted tab.