CS 2233/2231: Discrete Mathematical Structures

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Preparing Homeworks using LaTeX

The typical way I create a pdf file is to edit a LaTeX file with .tex extension, then on the command line, I do pdflatex foo.tex.  This command compiles the file and produces the pdf file.  Assuming that succeeds then I view foo.pdf, and I go back and forth until foo.pdf looks good enough.  Thinking of pdflatex as a compiler might help you understand the error messages.  I have links to several examples below, and any number of tutorials are available, for example Getting Started with LaTeX. For MS Windows, MiKTeX appears to be a good implemention of LaTeX. For Linux, install the texlive package.

Syllabus and Assignments

Syllabus for Spring 2013 (LaTeX)

All quizzes available until May 1.

Homework 1 (LaTeX), Homework 2 (LaTeX), Homework 3 (LaTeX)

Homework 4 (LaTeX), Homework 5 (LaTeX), Homework 6 (LaTeX)

Homework 7 (LaTeX), Homework 8 (LaTeX), Homework 9 (LaTeX)

Final Review.

Recitation Presenters

Tuesday, 5:30pm, SB 3.02.07: TBA

Thursday, 5:30pm, SB 3.02.07: TBA

Notes (subject to change)

A Primer for Exponentials and Logarithms (LaTeX).  You should review this and also Appendix 2 of the book.

A Primer for Inequalities:
Introduction to Inequalities
Solving Inequalities
Properties of Inequalities
Inequalities and Inference (LaTeX)
Also review Appendix 1 of the book.

Part One

Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic, Inference Rules, Proofs, Sets, Functions.
This chart might help for proofs.
Here are scans of my handwritten examples from the lectures.
Logic, Implies, Proofs, Sets, Functions and Sequences

Part Two

Assert Statements, Algorithms, Big Oh Notation, Mathematical Induction, Recursion
Here are scans of my handwritten examples from the lectures.
Algorithms, Big Oh, Mathematical Induction, Recursion

Part Three

Relations, Graphs, Trees, Languages
Here are scans of my handwritten examples from the lectures.
Relations, Graphs, Trees, Languages, Extra


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