CS 3793: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Syllabus and Assignments



Homework 1

Programming Assignments

picknumber.zip is a simple example of how we will program agents and environments in Java.

Lab 1 (initial download ailab1.zip)

Links for Programming in Java

For those of you new to programming in Java, some links are provided below. I would appreciate any feedback about whether they are useful or not.

Notes (subject to change)

Agents (slides)

Search (slides), Search Examples (slides)

Features (slides)

Logic (slides)

Probability (slides), Some Puzzling Probability Problems, Bayesian network for Lewis Carroll's problem, Example of Variable Elimination

Learning (slides), More Learning (slides)

Planning (slides)

Making Decisions (slides)

Multiple Agents (slides)

Unsupervised Learning (slides)
Chat Session on Nov. 25

The Rest of AI (slides)
AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs | Pew Research Center

Summary cd

Other Stuff

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