Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms that is implemented in Java. Weka includes algorithms for classification, numeric prediction, clustering, and association rules. This document provides information about the installation and usage for faculty and students.


If you are unfamiliar with Java, consider:

Installed Software

Weka is installed on on the CS Sun Network in the directory /home/bylander/weka/weka-3-4. Documentation for weka is in this directory and in the doc subdirectory. This installation of Weka includes includes the following:

Environment Variables

For tcsh and csh, you should use the following sequence of commands in your .cshrc file.
setenv WEKAHOME /home/bylander/weka/weka-3-4
setenv CLASSPATH .:/home/bylander/weka/weka-3-4/weka.jar

For bash or ksh, you should include:

to your .bash_profile or .profile file.