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Last Updated: 9/29/2016

Many of our class rooms in NPB have been provided with VDI access.

Where is the CS lab? Lab is in NPB 2.118 (North Paseo Building).

What is Linux?

Linux Overview

How do I login to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI login

How can I get to Linux servers from VDI?

VDI To Linux

How can I remotely get to UTSA servers?

remote access

How can I get ssh on my Microsoft Windows workstation at home?

ssh download (download the ssh utility for installation in Microsoft windows)

How can I transfer files on Microsoft Windows to UTSA Linux servers?

ssh Files to UTSA Linux Servers

What can I do to get more help about Linux, vi, and ddd?

vi cheat sheet

unix cheat sheet

ddd Tips (this helps with learning the ddd debugger)

How can I remove carriage returns (\r) from Microsoft files on Linux?

To see if a file contains carriage returns:

cat filename | od -c

To remove carriage returns from a file:

sed  -i 's/\r//'  filename 

How can I simplify the compilation process for C programs when it has multiple source files?

Unix make utility


I would like to initially use Microsoft Visual Studio (express) from Windows before uploading my code to UTSA. How do I set up Visual Studio for C?

Using Microsoft Visual Studio

How do i login to blackboard?  From the UTSA main web page, www.utsa.edu:

1.       On the menu at the top of the page, select: myUTSA > Blackboard Learn

2.       Enter your abc123 id.

3.       Enter your pass phrase password.

4.       Blackboard will show a list of courses.  Select CS1713  (but not the recitation)

5.       You will see some items listed on the left side that I provided.  Select what you need.