CS3423 Syllabus 


Larry Clark


larry.clark@utsa.edu Please include cs3423 and your name in the subject.


Please feel free to send me an email about your assignments; however, I cannot guarantee an immediate response (especially after 9pm).  Start on your assignments early to allow for time to receive help from a TA or me.

Office Hours:

TuTh 10-11am,

TuTh 4-5pm and by appointment.

My office is located in North Paseo Bldg (NPB)  3.332.

If my office door is open (and it isn't within 10 minutes of a class time), please enter.

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Class Hours:

TuTh 8:30am-9:45am, NPB 1.202


You must enroll in one of these two sections:

CS3421 005 Tu 10-10:50am

CS3421 006 Th 10-10:50am

The same grade is assigned for CS3423 and CS3421.


A Practical Guide to Linux - Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, Sobell

Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment - Stevens and Rago


CS2213 (Data Structures).  CS3423 assumes you are very familiar with the C programming language.  In the first half of the semester, you will do shell programing, use Unix utilities, and do Perl programming.  In the last half, you will code using C.

Course Objectives:

A study of systems-level programming in Linux.  Topics include shell programming, Unix Utilities (e.g., grep, sed, awk), regular expressions, Perl programming, file I/O, process control, and interprocess communication.  Students will program with shell scripting tools, demonstrate the use of the Unix Utilities, program with Perl, and program using C-level system calls.


300 Homework, Programs, Quizzes, Class Participation


300 Midterm Exam


400 Final Exam

Late Policy:


10% off per day late (not accepted after 5 days late). 
 Programs will be turned in via Blackboard.)


late homework not accepted


no makeup except for university sanctioned excused absences.

Exam Policy:

If a Midterm Exam is missed, the Final Exam will count for a missed exam.  There will be no make up for the Final Exam except for university sanctioned excused absences.

Final Exam :

Fri Dec 15, 9:45am-12:15pm


Attendance in lectures and recitations is required. Many of the recitations will have a quiz. The recitation will not meet the first week.


Your education is very important to me.  If there is anything (reasonable) we can do to make it better, please let me know.


Ask questions.  It is important to ask questions; others probably have the same question.  In some circumstances, I may postpone an answer until necessary material is covered.

Distractions hurt your education.  Please be considerate of others:

>      Please turn OFF (do not just silence) your cell phones and pagers. If you have a potential emergency, please inform me before the class begins. In that circumstance, you can leave your mobile device on vibrate; quietly exit the class room to take your call.

>      Please arrive to class on time.  When someone arrives late, they distract many of the students who were on time.


Consulting electronic devices is not allowed during exams.  During exams, such consultation may result in a zero.


Programs must be written based on my programming standards.


All students are expected to understand the general rules and regulations of UTSA including the information at http://provost.utsa.edu/syllabus.asp

 Black Board:

Lecture notes and assignments will be available via BlackBoard. 

Course Notes:

My notes will usually use a two column format and will be provided in Microsoft Word (use web view), allowing you to edit them to fill in exercise information which will be intentionally blank.   To print the notes, use print view, landscape orientation, and narrow margins.  Some of the notes will use Microsoft PowerPoint.

If possible depending on the classroom, the notes are structured to provide interactive use.


I copyright my course notes; however, students can copy my notes for their own personal use.

Fine Print:

This Syllabus is provided for informational purposes regarding the anticipated course content and schedule of this course. It is based upon the most recent information available on the date of its issuance and is as accurate and complete as possible. I reserve the right to make any changes I deem necessary and/or appropriate. I will make my best efforts to communicate any changes in the syllabus in a timely manner. Students are responsible for being aware of these changes.