CS3843 Lab and Set Up Information

Last Updated:  8/6/2019

Many of our class rooms in NPB have been provided with VDI access.

Where is the CS lab?

Lab is in NPB 2.118 (North Paseo Building).


Mon-Sat: 630am-1230am

Sun: 1pm-8pm


42 Dell Thin Client Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Terminals

40+ Linux (14.04) Workstations

Tutor and Teaching Assistant Schedules

MATLAB Tutor Schedule 
Tutor Schedule 
Teaching Assistant Schedule 

Computer Science Student Organizations

UTSA ACM - Women Org 


Linux Related Questions


What is Linux?

Linux Overview


What can I do to get more help about linux, vi, and ddd?

vi cheat sheet

unix cheat sheet

ddd Tips (this helps with learning the ddd debugger)

Login and Remote Access


How do I login to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI login


How can I get to linux servers from VDI?

VDI To Linux


How can I remotely get to UTSA servers?

remote access


There is also a Linux Virtual Machine which can be accessed directly from VDI


Transferring Files


How can I get ssh on my Microsoft Windows workstation at home?

  MobaXterm (download MobaXterm) 


How can I transfer files on Microsoft Windows to UTSA linux servers?

Use MobaXterm to ssh files to UTSA Linux Servers

ssh files to UTSA Linux Servers


How can I remove carriage returns (\r) from Microsoft files on linux?

To see if a file contains carriage returns:

cat filename | od -c

To remove carriage returns from a file you can use either of these:

dos2unix filename

sed  -i 's/\r//'  filename 


How can I create a zip file containing several files in Linux?
    As a command, type: 
      zip -r zipFileName.zip fileName1 filename2  ...

CS3843 Computer Org Information



Where should I run my code?

You must make certain your code can run on a hen server. The C programming assignments can be tested on the fox servers or using Visual Studio, but you must make certain your code works on a hen server before you submit it. Any generated output must be done on a hen server.


How can I assemble my IA32 assembly language code?

Assuming the source file is filename.s, you can assemble it using the gcc command to produce a filename.o file:

gcc -c filename.s


How can I link my .o file with other .o files creating an executable?

gcc -o executableName filename.o anotherFile.o


Cheat sheet for IA32


Compiling C code on Linux (not using the Netbeans IDE)



How do I compile C (.c) source files?

Compile only:

gcc -c filename.c

Compile and link:

gcc -o executableName filename.c

Link only (using .o produced by gcc -c)

gcc -o executableName filename.o



How can I simplify the compilation process for C programs when it has multiple source files?

Unix make utility

Using the Netbeans IDE for C on Linux


The Netbeans IDE integrates an easy-to-use text editor, make capability, gcc, and a debugger. This document provides a foundation for the use of netbeans for C in Linux:

Netbeans For C in Linux

Compiling Java code on Linux



How can I compile and run java code on Linux?

Using java on Linux




I would like to initially use Microsoft Visual Studio (express) from Windows before uploading my code to UTSA. How do I set up Visual Studio for C?

Using Microsoft Visual Studio



How do i login to blackboard?  From the utsa main web page, www.utsa.edu:

1.       On the menu at the top of the page, select: myUTSA > Blackboard Learn

2.       Enter your abc123 id.

3.       Enter your pass phrase password.

4.       Blackboard will show a list of courses.  Select C3723  

5.       You will see some items listed on the left side that I provided.  Select what you need.