MobaXterm for Remote Access to UTSA Linux Servers

This product solves one of the difficulties in using Linux remotely by providing both ssh and xWindows capability. It is available on most platforms.

This document discusses three topics:

1. Installing MobaXterm

2. Remote Access to UTSA Linux Servers

3. Copying files to/from UTSA Linux Servers


Installing MobaXterm

The free edition is available by doing the following.

1.       Go to this URL:

2.       When this window appears, click on the portable edition (the one on the left):


3.       It will download an executable and a plugin. Create a folder on your C: drive named "moba" and move those files to that folder.

4.       Create a desktop shortcut to that executable.


Remote Access to UTSA Linux Servers

You will have to get the names of our Linux Servers from your instructor.

> We have 32 bit servers which are mostly used by CS3843 Computer Org

> We have 64 bit servers which are used by our other courses.

For the first time using MobaXterm, you can use ssh by doing the following steps:

1. Select the Sessions menu item and then select New Session as shown below:


2. Select the SSH button. The following window will appear:

3. Enter the name of your Linux server (which you must obtain from your instructor, TA or a tutor) in the Remote host field.

4. Click on the box before Specify username and then enter your abc123 ID in that field.

5. A ssh client tab will appear with the MobaXterm window. You might get prompted to accept the security certificate. Enter yes. It will then prompt you to enter your Linux password.

You can now use the command line to enter Linux commands.

On subsequent uses, MobaXterm will show you a previous session which you can select.


Copying Files to/from UTSA Linux Servers

After using MobaXterm to ssh to a UTSA CS Linux server, you can transfer files to and from that server using MobaXterm.


Click the check box for Follow terminal folder which is on the bottom left. We have circled it in the following:


To copy files from your client machine to the UTSA CS Linux server, click the Up Arrow icon which is circled in the following:

It will then show you a window to select files on your client machine. After copying them to the UTSA CS Linux server, you may need to remove carriage returns in the file since windows terminates lines with \r\n, but Linux just uses line feeds. You can remove the line feeds from your files by executing the dos2unix command. For example, you can remove carriage returns in all your .c files in the current directory by executing:

$ dos2unix *.c


To copy files from a CS UTSA Linux server to your client machine, select the file in the left window, and press the down arrow icon.