Accessing UTSA Servers Remotely


Accessing UTSA VDI

1. Use the following link:

2. Select whether you want to install the client or access via your web browser.

3. Login to the UTSA VDI server.

> Your login ID is your abc123 ID.

> Your password has been defaulted.Your instructor will tell you your default VDI password in class.

> For your first login, you will be required to enter a new password that must be at least 14 characters long.

> Select the CS VDI image.It will probably have a version number.


Accessing UTSA Linux servers directly without going through VDI

If your computer uses Linux:

> Start a terminal window

> ssh -X (where YYYYY is the name of one of the CS linux servers. Please get the names from your instructor.)

> If this is the first time, you might get prompted to accept the security certificate. Enter Yes.

> You will be prompted to enter your password.


If your computer uses Microsoft Windows:

> You should install MobaXterm which provides ssh.  Click on that link about MobaXterm for more information.