Using ssh to Transfer Files from Microsoft Windows to UTSA Linux


Linux file names must not contain blanks.

Recommend changing the filename to camel case where each word is capitalized except the first one (e.g., program1Input.txt).


How to invoke ssh from VDI

If you previously saved your default.ssh2 setting in v:\LaunchConfig:

1. Open your v:\LaunchConfig folder.

2. If you plan to also use the x-windows capability, double click on the config.xlaunch file. This will cause the Xming Server icon in your tray on the right side. You can see if it is hidden by clicking the double up arrow in the tray.

You don't need to do anything else with it.

3. Double click on the default.ssh2. You can either key in the elk server and your user id in the Quick Connect Window or use a Profile you saved.


Otherwise, you need to launch SSH for transferring files:

1. Press the Start button on the screen.

2. Select All Programs.

3. Select the SSH Secure Shell folder.

4. Select Secure File Transfer Client. 


How to invoke ssh from your own Microsoft Windows?

1. If you haven't installed ssh on your own computer's desktop, this will download it: ssh download

2. Select the ssh file transfer desktop icon

3. See the How to Use ssh File Transfer below.


How to Use ssh File Transfer

1. If you previously saved a login profile, select it by pressing Profile and then selecting the one you saved. Otherwise, press the Quick Connect Button. This window will appear.

1.1 Specify the Host Name as (where YYYYY is the name of one of the CS linux servers.  Please get the names from your instructor.)

1.2 The User Name will be your abc123 ID.

1.3 Press Connect.

1.4 It will probably show an Host Identification window or ask you about security. Press Yes.

1.5 Enter your password which will be defaulted to your 8 digit banner id without the"@".

1.6 You will see it flashing to Add a Profile. Save the profile and give it a name like YYYYY (where YYYYY is the name of one of the CS linux servers)



2. If a ssh terminal window appears (see below), click on the New File Transfer Window button( ) from the tool bar:


3. The resulting screen will look something like this where the left panel is what you are copying from and the right panel shows the directory that you are copying to:


3.1 Navigate to the folders you want to copy from and to.

3.2 You can upload one file by right clicking on it and selecting Upload.