VDI Login


In a NPB Computer Science classroom

> Each seat has a Dell thin client.

> If it isn't turned ON:

o Jiggle the mouse or hit the Enter key until the power light on the lower right corner of the monitor is ON.

o If that does not work, push the power button (lower right corner of the monitor).


To Login

> You should see this screen:


> Your login ID is your abc123 ID.

> Your password has been defaulted.  I will tell you your default VDI password in class. VDI information from previous semesters was not saved.

> For your first login, you will be required to enter a new password that must be at least 14 characters long. We recommend that you use the same password as your UTSA account.

> Press the Enter key.

> Select the CS VDI image. It will probably have a version number on it.



Some important assumptions

> UTSA VDI has three drives:  C, E, and V.   Anything written to C or E is lost when you logout.

> Your My Documents is on the C drive so the files are lost when you logout.

> UTSA does not backup your V drive.  You should copy anything important to a USB memory stick.