VDI to Linux

This assumes you already logged in to VDI and selected the CS Standard profile.  If this is your first use, jump to First time using Linux from VDI.

Some important assumptions:

> UTSA VDI has three drives:  C, E, and V.   Anything written to C or E is lost when you logout.

> Your My Documents is on the C drive so the files are lost when you logout.

> UTSA does not backup your V drive.  You should copy anything important to a USB memory stick.


Use MobaXterm to Login to Linux

Launch MobaXterm using these steps:

1.         Press the Start button.

2.         Select All Programs.

3.         Select MobaXterm.

4.         There might be a shortcut that you also have to select.

The following window will appear:



For more information about how to start sessions and transfer files using MobaXterm, click on this link: