CS 1063  Lab 0:  Print Initials in Block Letters

The Initials Class


Hand-in Requirements

All projects and laboratories will be submitted electronically through Blackboard.  Zip up your entire lab folder to submit as the source.  (Right click on the lab folder and follow Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder (or 7-Zip > Add to "lab0.zip").)  The lab folder should include the following:


Write a program to print a header followed by your initials in block letters like the following:

Lab 0 written by YOURNAME

X     X  Y     Y  ZZZZZZZ
 X   X    Y   Y        Z
  X X      Y Y        Z
   X        Y        Z
  X X       Y       Z
 X   X      Y      Z
X     X     Y     ZZZZZZZ

Of course you should substitute YOURNAME with your name.  If you only have 2 initials, use Q as your middle initial. Your program should consists of several System.out.println statements, one for each line.

Include the output of your program in a file named InitialsOutput.txt.  In DrJava, one way to do this is to copy-and-paste the text from the Interactions pane to a simple text editor such as Notepad.  Another way to do this is to right-click in the Interactions pane and select "Save Copy of Interactions".  In either case, save the file in your lab folder.


Your program should compile without any errors.  A program with more than one or two compile errors will likely get a zero for the whole assignment.

The following criteria will also be used to determine the grade for this assignment: