CS 1173 Data analysis and visualization
Homework and assignments


HW: Pretest (10 points)

The pretest is available between January 20 and January 30. You only have one try. You are not expected to know the material on the test and should guess if you don't know. Try to answer the questions that you do know without guessing. You will receive credit for the number of questions answered.

HW: Three-week sleep diary (20 points)

Keep a diary that starts on the evening of Wednesday, January 20, 2020 and ends on Wednesday, February 11, 2020. THIS IS A MAJOR ASSIGNMENT. You will not be able to do some of the later course projects and assignments without this diary. The data from your diary will be pooled with that of the other students (after it is anonymized). You will be doing some analysis of the entire collection, as well as a comparison of how your sleep patterns compare with those of the rest of the cohort.

The data includes sleep and wake times in the form xx:yy where xx is the hour in 24 hour format (0 to 23) and yy is the number of minutes after the hour (0 to 59).Also recorded are minutes to fall asleep, minutes of day napping and number of times awakened during night. Although these are difficult to get exactly accurate; make a good guess. Alarm and caffeine use are indicated as 0 or 1 for no and yes respectively. Stanford Sleepiness Scale (SSS http://www.stanford.edu/~dement/sss.html) is a self assessment of a person’s sleepiness on a scale of 1 (perfectly awake) to 7 (about to fall sleep). Originally intended for several time points in a given day, you will use this to record a subjective score of your sleepiness for the entire day.

Keep your diary both on the hard copy log sheet (http://www.cs.utsa.edu/~cs1173/resources/CS1173SleepDiaryLogSheet.pdf) Note: Refer to your class Blackboard calendar to see when the diary upload and handin are due for your section.

Additional handin instructions (we will go through the handin process in class):

A detailed breakout of these submissions steps can be found at this link - Sleep Diary Extraction