CS 1173 Data Analysis and Visualization
Review for the final exam


Final Exam comprehensive, but emphasizes:

The general categories of topics are:

Also, you will not be asked to produce any code involving figures. Hence, you do not need to know the options for functions such as boxplot.  
Note: We have re-ordered the lessons, and sometimes the Lesson number is referred to. Ignore that number if it doesn't make sense - find the lesson TOPIC.  

Basic array manipulation and MATLAB functions

Skills: What to review: Handouts: Videos:  

Basic interpretation of graphs

Skills: What to review: Videos:  

Relationships between variables: Correlation and linear models

Skills: What to review:

Characterizing data distributions and descriptive statistics

Skills: What to review: Handouts: Videos  

Hypothesis testing, normality, uncertainty, sampling and logarithms

Skills: What to review: Handouts: Videos  

Programming (vector logic and program control)

Skills: What to review: Videos:

Extra credit

Up to 5 points will be added to your final exam score for answering a survey and handing it in with your final. The survey can be found on Learn under Resources. An additional 6 points towards your final exam score can be earned by successfully completing the Post Test, also found on Learn, under Quizzes. It can only be attempted once, and is timed.

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