CS 1173 Data Visualization and Analysis using MATLAB
Teaching Assistants Spring 2018

The course teaching assistants (TAs) are PhD students who assist during the class and grade the assignments, labs, and projects for their assigned section. If you have questions about grading, please contact your assigned TA. If you need individual help in the lab, please see one of the course tutors.

Section 1: Tuesday at 2:30p in NPB 1.238
Section 2: Thursday at 2:30p in NPB 1.238
Picture of Kumar TA: Kumar Thummapudi
Email: kumar.thummapudi@my.utsa.edu

Section 3: Tue/Thur at 10a-11:15a in NPB 1.202
Section 4: MWF at 3-3:50 pm in NPB 1.238
Picture of Pranali TA: Pranali Mandaokar
Email: pranali.Mandaokar@utsa.edu