CS 1713/CS1711 Overview: Spring 2012

CS 1713/CS 1711 is the second required course for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. The three courses: CS1063, CS 1713/CS1711, and CS 1723/CS1721, provide a programming and problem-solving foundation for the rest of the degree. These courses use the Java programming language, an object-oriented language that allows execution of programs from web pages independent of platform. Java's clean design and many features make it an ideal vehicle for introducing state-of-the-art software techniques at an early stage.

The specific objectives for CS 1713/CS 1711 are:

Advising and career services checkpoints:
          To help students more clearly focus on their career path and long term goals, we have included advising and career services checkpoints as part of the course requirements. One of the recitation sessions is a Computer Science Advising session. This is a required recitation. During this session, you will meet with the College of Sciences undergraduate advisors and work out a plan of study for your first two years. Non CS majors will work out a sample program of study for earning a minor in computer science. You will learn how the major in computer science is organized and how various required courses relate to each other. You will also find out about milestones along the way to earning your degree. You must also register with UTSA Career Services and take the online Focus assessment.


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