CS 1713 Practice Problem

    Suppose Rectangle is a class that has been appropriately written. It has a constructor with 2 double parameters, a width and length in this order.Draw an accurate schematic diagram of the program variables showing the execution of the program.
    double w = 2;
    double x = 5;
    double y = 7;
    Rectangle[] rects = new Rectangle[3];
    rects[0] = new Rectangle(w, x);
    rects[1] = new Rectangle(y, w);
    rects[2] = rects[1];
    x = rects[0].getWidth();
    y = rects[2].getLength();
    rects[1] = rects[0];
    w = rects[0].getWidth();
    rects[2] = rects[0];
    y = rects[2].getLength();
    x = rects[0].getWidth();