CS 1713 Week 11:
Review and Exam



Exam 3 Review


Information Specific to Spring 2012 Section 2:
Exam 3 will last 75 minutes and consist of questions worth a total of 100 points.
Most likely, the exam will have the following types of problems:

Exam Emphasis:

Comprehensive as far as programming.

Some types of problems:

Example problem:
Suppose Square is a class that has been appropriately written.
It has a constructor with one double parameter, its side.
Draw an accurate schematic diagram of the program variables showing the execution of the program.
double w = 2;
double x = 5;
double y = 7;
Square[] squares = new Square[3];
Square s;
s = new Square(w);
squares[0] = new Square(x);
squares[1] = s;
squares[2] = squares[0];
w = squares[2].getArea();
s = squares[2];
x = squares[1].getSide();
y = squares[0].getArea();
squares[2] = squares[1];
squares[1] = new Square(8);
y = squares[1].getArea();
x = squares[2].getSide();

Binary Search Review:

Selection Sort Review:

Insertion Sort Review:

Some Simple Practice Problems: