CS 1711 Recitation Laboratory 3:
Bouncing Balls


Hand-in Requirements (Deliverables):

All projects and laboratories will be submitted electronically through Blackboard. Zip up your entire project directory to submit as the source. (Right click on the project folder and follow the SendTo link.) Grading will be as follows: This is a graphics project. The final code that your submit should not contain any references to System.out.

You can see an example of the final project here.


In this recitation you will get experience displaying graphical objects and using classes that were written by others. When completed you will have an applet with 10 bouncing balls that you will put on your web site.

Part I: Project setup

(You can start this when you come into class but the presenter will go through it with you to get you started.)

Part II: Adding physics

On your own

Part III: More balls

Part IV: Collisions

Part V: Putting the project on the web