CS 3443 Laboratories


All labs will be submitted on Blackboard, unless otherwise noted in the lab description. Export the project and upload the zip file. In Eclipse, click on the project, select Export, and choose Archive File.
The name of each project must be abc123-labX.zip, where abc123 is your UTSA ID and X is the number of the lab. The word "lab" must be lowercase.
Any submission not following these requirements may not receive credit.

Reminder: laboratories must be completed individually. Collaboration with anyone violates the policies for academic integrity.
You may discuss algorithms and approaches with others. You may not code together or share a computer, under any circumstance.
If you have questions or concerns about this policy, contact your instructor immediately.

In the rare event that a change must be made to an individual lab description, it will appear in red text on the lab page. The change will be announced in lecture, and a note will appear on the lab submission on Blackboard.

Lab 1 - Federation Software 1.0

Lab 2 - Federation Software 2.0

Lab 3 - Git

Lab 4 - Hogwarts Sorting App

Lab 5 - Ollivanders Wand Shop App

Labs coming soon..