CS 3443 Laboratories

All labs will be submitted on Blackboard, unless otherwise noted in the lab description. Export the project and upload the zip file. In Eclipse, click on the project, select Export, and choose Archive File.
The name of each project must be abc123-labX.zip, where abc123 is your UTSA ID and X is the number of the lab. The word "lab" must be lowercase.
Any submission not following these requirements may not receive credit.

Reminder: laboratories must be completed individually. Collaboration with anyone violates the policies for academic integrity.

Lab 1 - GradeCalculator

Lab 2 - Hogwarts Software 1.0

Lab 3 - Flight reservations

Lab 4 - Memory game

Lab 5 - Grandma's Recipe Vault

Lab 6 - Learning Git

Lab 7 - Personal Budgeting App

Lab 8 - Market App

Lab 9 - JUnit Testing a Bank

Lab 10 - My Threaded Fitness App