UTSA CS 3443 Application Programming

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We maintain a YouTube channel for this course, including short videos on targeted topics related to our content. Additionally, this playlist also contains helpful videos for coding interviews, as students often interview for internships while taking this course.


Java Platform, Standard Edition 9 API Specification

The Java Tutorials


Java Downloads:
Choose the appropriate Java SE Development Kit (JDK). When installing, do not follow the recommended installation, so that you can avoid extra toolbars and other bloatware.

Eclipse Downloads:
Choose Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers.
The classroom computers have the Mars version of Eclipse, but the current Oxygen version should work for this class. However, if you need to download the Mars version of Eclipse, it can be found at: Eclipse Mars Downloads. Choose Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers.

JavaFX and SceneBuilder

VioletUML (for editing UML class diagrams)