UTSA CS 3443 Application Programming

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Team Project Guidelines

In this course, you will form teams and develop a desktop application over the course of the semester.


The team project grade will be calculated via the following:

Each team member may receive a different grade for the team project. Team participation will be determined via a survey posted to Blackboard in the final 2 weeks of class. All team members must complete the questions in the survey individually. Participation may also be assessed using GitHub commit history.


Project Proposal

Proposal: see Blackboard for due date

Teams will create a project proposal from the following template, and team leaders will email the team's proposal to the instructor by the deadline. The purpose of this proposal is to initiative conversations between team members on the design and operation of the team project. Any issues or concerns should be reviewed with the instructor prior to the due date. All components outlined in the proposal template are required. Project proposal template


Note that it can sometimes be difficult to determine the scope of a project (this is true after this course as well!). If your team is struggling with this, do not hestitate to email a brief description of the project to your instructor for feedback. Additionally, there are project ideas and projects from previous semesters listed below.

Project Demo

see Blackboard for due date

In order to demo your application to the class, your team will create a demo video. For full credit, your demo must adhere to the following guidelines:

Demo videos will be shown in class. After your video is shown, your team will have an opportunity to answer questions from peers, the instructor, and any guests. Teams are typically asked what the most challenging aspect of the project was, or about team dynamics.


Project Code

Due on the last day of classes

A final copy of your code will be cloned from your team repository after this date. For full credit, your code must adhere to the following guidelines:

Your instructor will clone the repository to a CS Department VDI and follow the instructions in your README file. If they are unable to run your application, your team will lose credit for this portion of the project.


Project Ideas

Need some inspiration?? Here are a few application ideas: ..are there any apps you'd find useful or fun?
Videos from previous semesters

Participation (100 points)

Any team member who does not participate in the team project risks all points for the team project portion of their grade.